How to wear rings men

How to wear rings men ?

Rings are precious objects that some people put on their fingers to give a special touch of elegance to their clothing, others put rings on their fingers to designate their membership in a club, school or organization, still others think that rings are not important at all and are no more and no less than objects like any other and anyone can wear them on any finger. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about wearing rings for men, as well as their meaning if it is put on a particular finger, especially since in some cases the wearing of rings can also be related to beliefs and certain habits and customs.

What does a promise ring mean ?

meaning of finger rings

Nowadays, wearing rings tends to send a particular message, even though these messages are often unconventional. For example, a man who wears a ring on the ring finger of his left hand sends the message that he is married, which single women should refrain from (but in practice this is not always the case, since anyone can put a ring of their choice on the ring finger of the left hand, married or not).

One of the reasons why men also put rings on their fingers is related to clothing. Depending on the style of dress, some believe that a well placed ring on any finger can add a touch of elegance to the outfit and highlight the fingers.

Rings are also a way for some men to display their wealth and power, showing their importance in society, for example when a man puts a solid 18 carat gold ring on his middle finger to show others his wealth. Others may even engrave the name of their favorite soccer team, or music club, etc.

Some people also think that the ring is a stress relieving toy, especially that can allow you not to be too worried about a particular subject, and just by focusing on a ring you have on your finger, it would allow you to occupy yourself with something else.

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The meaning of finger rings for men

In general, a man's ring can be worn on any finger, as long as it doesn't interfere with your activity or restrict your movement. There is no rule or law established for this purpose. However, in social life, we often find that people have established rules, even if they are not conventional, but we tend to recognize them. Here we will give some known meanings of ancient traditions that have been able to stand the test of time, as well as the popular tendency to validate a particular style.


Significance of rings on each finger?

name of the fingers of the hand

Ten fingers therefore ten possible meanings, each of the fingers is loaded with symbols:

  1. The little finger is linked to the ability to convince and to intelligence.
  2. The ring finger corresponds to fidelity, love, engagement and marriage.
  3. The middle finger signifies balance, responsibility
  4. The index finger stands for authority, power
  5. The thumb represents friendship

What does it mean to wear a thumb ring?

It is really rare to see people wearing a thumb ring. Whether it is on the left hand or on the side of the right hand, wearing a thumb ring can be a symbol of influence and wealth. This is very often the case when the other fingers of this hand are already occupied by other rings and, in order not to overload his finger, while keeping other rings, men put the ring on the thumb.

According to Greek mythology, the thumb is the finger of the hand that is attached to the sea god Poseidon, an independent god. So putting a ring on this finger usually doesn't mean anything special, but it can also be a symbol of your independence and the fact that you like to be alone and not adhere to the rest of the group. Homosexuals, for example, put a ring on this finger to denote their deviation from popular thinking. It is also said that the thumb is the most powerful finger on the hand, so it can also be a sign of value and strength to put a ring on that finger.

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What does a ring on the index finger mean ?

The index finger is the finger of the hand that is used to point to an object or to show something, at the side or at a distance. Some men like to put a ring on this finger to show it to everyone, or when they want their precious object to be seen by everyone. In the past, rich people used to put their signet ring on this finger, which represented their membership in a rich family or clan. Although this practice has disappeared nowadays, some people still tend to awaken it, when they want their beautiful ring to be seen by everyone, either on the left or right hand, by pointing to everything next to it to highlight the valuable ring.

In Greek mythology, the index finger represents Zeus, the king of the gods, so putting a ring on that finger can also be a symbol of dominance.

What does a ring on the middle finger mean ?

ring on the middle finger

The middle finger is the longest finger of the hand, also the most remarkable. It is known as the finger that symbolizes power and sexuality. Putting a ring on this finger may not mean anything in particular, except to highlight your ring, especially when you want it to be well noticed. It is also important to know that the ring worn on the middle finger will overshadow the other jewelry on the hand, since it will be the most visible. Also remember not to overload this finger with jewelry, because they could rather do the opposite effect and be very embarrassing for you. For the lovers of precious objects, two or three rings could be enough to complete your outfit, if you can't be satisfied with just one.

In Greek mythology, the middle finger is the finger of the hand that is linked to the god of celebration and wine, Dionysus. Putting a ring on this finger can be a message of freedom and inner power, that you live your life without worrying about what others think. You can read our article dedicated to the Tree of Life to understand its meaning.

What does a ring on the ring finger mean ?

Meaning of a ring finger

The ring finger is the only finger of the hand that is recognized by the popular trend as the one that carries the wedding ring, on the left hand it means marriage, on the right hand it means commitment. If you put a ring on your right ring finger, it is a signal that you are busy and no longer a heart to be taken. This practice is not new and it is one of the few ancient practices that have survived over time, even if this practice is not official or conventional, know that even if you are not married, you can very well put your ring on the ring finger if you want to and if you like it. Also, if you want to go out and don't want to be disturbed in a public place while you are still single, there is nothing to stop you from putting your ring on your ring finger to repel potential suitors.

In Greek mythology, the ring finger is the finger of the hand that is attached to Aphrodite, the god of love and relationships, and according to an ancient tradition, this finger would carry a vein that connects it directly to the heart, which is why it is recognized as the finger reserved for the wedding ring, for the engagement or for the marriage

What does a ring on the little finger mean ?


The little finger is the smallest finger on the hand. It must be said that originally, this finger was reserved for signet rings, which made it possible to quickly sign a document by simply pressing the face of the ring in a very hot wax and then signing. This practice is nowadays forgotten, the signet rings for signing documents having given way to ballpoint pens. But this does not prevent this finger from continuing to wear a ring if you want, especially if it is a ring that you do not want to highlight, it will not be as embarrassing for the other fingers. It is also known that it is the finger of thought and emotion.

In Greek mythology, this finger is attached to the god Ares, the god of war and conflict. This means that wearing a ring on this finger could be a symbol of an internal state of conflict or characterizes an indecisive person.


What hand should the engagement ring be worn ?

Apart from the wedding ring, there is no consensus on whether a ring should be worn on the right or left hand. Each culture has its own way of wearing rings. The bride and groom should wear rings on the ring finger of the left hand. For engagement rings there is no obligation but they are usually worn on the left ring finger.

What does wearing a ring on the right hand mean ?

The right hand is often the dominant hand, the most used. It symbolizes your strength. Some left-handed people prefer to wear rings on their right hand to avoid damaging them.

Why are rings worn on the left hand ?

The left hand will be more suitable to show your religious beliefs because it is the hand of mind, love and spirit.


How many rings should a man wear ?

Do not exceed three rings, beyond that your style will be too busy. Moreover, if you have a thick ring, you can be satisfied with only one. On the contrary, if your rings are thin, you can put several. Remember also to distribute the rings between your hands, do not put all the rings on the same hand.

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Conclusion on how a man should wear a ring

Depending on your style of dress or taste, you can put your ring on any finger you want, of course taking into account your own beliefs, traditions and locality, and in some cases the message you want to convey. For example, in some places, you should not put a ring on the ring finger of the left hand if you are not yet married. So make sure to highlight your precious objects and at the same time make your fingers stand out with well selected rings for men, and especially that do not be a hindrance or limit your movements. However, be careful not to put your rings on the cookie cutter, because depending on the locality, rings on certain fingers would send a very strong message, and could even bring you trouble.

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