Our refosrestation actions

Our reforestation actions

In barely two centuries of the industrial revolution, man has managed to deteriorate, often irreversibly, his habitat, the Earth. The destruction of the forests has reached such proportions that more than twelve million hectares of forest disappear every year, an area equivalent to four times the total surface of Belgium. We do not have the right to leave our children as the only heritage in managing our failures. If we do not act, we will be guilty of non-assistance to humanity in danger.




In partnership with the NGO Graine de Vie, My Wooden Rings compensate your ecological footprint by planting a tree for each order placed on the site. Already more than 1000 trees have been planted. Reforestation helps to preserve our planet and contributes to reducing hunger and poverty.

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Madagascar: a strategic choice

It is in Madagascar that we have initiated our projects. Madagascar is also one of the most deforested countries globally (2% of the forest area is destroyed yearly). It's also one of the countries where the space available for Reforestation is the most important, and the rainfall rate still allows large-scale planting of trees.
This choice is strategic because Madagascar is one of the globes where Reforestation can have a real systemic impact. It's the 5th poorest country globally on the IMF list, but it would suffer more than others if nothing were undertaken (3rd most exposed country to the effects of global warming on the IPCC list).
Moreover, the trees planted there have a carbon absorption capacity ten to fifteen times higher than trees planted in our regions for a much lower cost.
Since 2009, Graine de Vie has participated in the creation of

  • 896 reforestation sites.
  • 218 tree nurseries in 16 of the 22 regions and eight schools.
  • These nurseries produce a total of 700,000 plants per year.
  • Add to this nine mangrove restoration projects
  • 12 projects of protection and restoration of Malagasy national parks.

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The activity of Graine de vie :

A nursery is created to ensure the follow-up and development of planting trees in each of the plantation sites, and we train local nursery workers to manage it. Through local authorities and schools, we develop an awareness program for the population to protect the environment. To achieve these objectives, all our members have committed to work voluntarily to ensure that all funds entrusted to us are used directly and entirely to manage our nurseries and tree planting.
We pay the nurserymen and workers in charge of planting the trees, and thus we contribute to the improvement of the fate of the populations living in the reforestation areas.

1) Carbon compensation

Carbon offsetting is ensured by planting trees in large-scale projects whose nurseries and plantations are managed by Graine de Vie. We work in partnership with Madagascar National Parks to secure, protect and even restore primary forests.

2) Raising awareness

By training nursery workers and raising awareness in schools and villages about the preservation of the environment. By creating federative projects in isolated regions. By inserting women into the job market to fight against exclusion.

3) Economy

By employing 10 FTEs on-site and 350 daily workers in which our European members are all volunteers. By planting sustainably, cash crop trees (fruit trees, essential oils, building materials). Biodiversity also strengthens the tourist attractiveness of the country.



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