Top 10 reasons to protect forests

Top 10 reasons to protect forests

You can't imagine how closely our lives are tied to forests. Every forest is a lung of the Earth. They give us fresh air, maintain an acceptable temperature and give us a home. On March 21, we will celebrate International Forest Day. We will consciously reflect on the important role forests play for us.

"Forests are our greatest natural ally in the fight against global warming."

Did you have a delicious breakfast today? Did you take the bus or drive to work? Did you buy a parking ticket? Are you sitting in your favorite chair? We owe many products to forests and they are with us almost every step of the way, much more than we can imagine. My Wooden Rings owes much more to forests than just raw material. All of our ideas and daily pleasures originate in our forests. Many of our product ideas have been inspired by forests and the living things that live in them.


10 reasons why we admire forests so much

1) Forests help us breathe

After the oceans, forests are the world's largest carbon reservoirs.
They provide ecosystem services that are essential to human well-being. Forests are a good source of air. It is estimated that a single mature deciduous tree can produce oxygen for 10 people per day.

breathe fresh air

2) Forests give us a home

Worldwide, 300 million people live in forests. We are talking mainly about developing countries where the forest provides the basis for medicine, food and work for entire villages. Of these people, 60 million are indigenous, yet we are losing them. Between 1990 and 2015, the world lost some 129 million hectares of forest, an area the size of South Africa. When we remove the forest, it's not just the trees that disappear. The entire ecosystem begins to collapse, with disastrous consequences for us all


3) Forests are home to many animals

Strictly speaking, we can find up to 80% of all animal and plant species that live with us on earth in forests. Therefore, it is not only human life that depends on forests.

According to one report, humans have already killed more than 50% of the forest animals on Earth. This is further evidence of the 6th mass extinction
Deforestation is progressing, forests are emptying, half of their inhabitants have disappeared in the last 40 years, according to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The report tracked the populations of 268 species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles living in forests around the world between 1970 and 2014 . The results showed that forest animal populations have declined by 53% worldwide, and that humans are to blame.


4) Forests fight climate change

Carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas in quantity produced by human activity) is the engine of global warming. However, our plants filter this carbon dioxide from our air, so they provide us with a pleasant climate and fresh air through their filtration. Tropical forests are true carbon sinks, with a quarter of a trillion tons of carbon stored in above and below ground biomass.

5) Forests prevent flooding

Despite an increasingly disrupted water cycle during the rainy season, forest areas help absorb excess water, preventing soil corrosion and possible damage to surrounding buildings. The amount of water retained by forests can depend on characteristics such as the area of forest cover, the length of the growing season, the composition and density of trees, and the age and number of ground cover layers. Water retention by forests affects the amount and timing of water delivery to rivers and groundwater, increasing and maintaining soil infiltration and storage capacity. Forests can absorb excess rainwater, preventing runoff and flood damage. By releasing water during the dry season, forests can also help provide clean water and mitigate the effects of droughts.

6) Forests are a source of food

How many times have you picked blueberries, raspberries or mushrooms on your hikes? But we also talk about animals that have always been the basis of our diet: deer, rabbits, wild boars, hares...


7) Forests heal us

Many ingredients in pharmaceutical products have a natural origin. Did you know that 70% of all known anti-cancer plants are found only in tropical forests?

8) Forests give us work


According to the United Nations, more than 1.6 billion people live off the forests. Among them, 10 million are directly employed in forestry or nature conservation.

9) Forests help us to relax

It has already been confirmed several times that nature has a positive effect on us. Forests increase creativity, stimulate attention, suppress ADHD symptoms and even prolong our lives. Connecting with nature relaxes stressed parts of the brain. Positive hormones are released into the body. You feel less sad, less angry and less anxious. This prevents stress and burnout, and helps combat depression and anxiety. Nature is known to boost immunity and helps reduce the number of sick days and recover faster from injury or surgery. Nature has a positive effect on our mind and body. It improves heart and lung health and is known to increase concentration and memory.

Some trees such as conifers also emit oils and compounds to protect against microbes and pathogens. These molecules, known as phytoncides are also good for our immunity. Breathing forest air increases the level of natural killer (NK) cells in our blood. NK cells are used in our bodies to fight infections, cancers and tumors.

An intangible result of connecting with nature is improved emotional intelligence and self-confidence, which leads to better relationships and social health. Something we know intuitively is now scientifically proven and validated by research.


10) Forests are inspiring

This point would be directly signed by the entire My Wooden Rings team. Trees are for us a symbol of strength. Every day, nature is a source of inspiration and endless joy for us.


At My Wooden Rings, our values and our position towards forests are clear. Although our accessories are made of wood, no trees are cut down except for invasive bamboo species to limit their expansion and to protect the biodiversity of the ecosystems.

In the same subject you can read our article on reforestation. Protecting the forest is our priority.

My Wooden Rings participates in ecological actions such as reforestation, by committing to plant a tree for each order placed on our site.

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