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Be different thanks to the WOODEN RING Fortune gold. Unadulterated and ageless, this model of yewel composed of abundant materials that are trending at the moment.

Selecting a wooden ring involves adding originality to yourlook. Is also a healthy fashion accessory andeco-friendly that will reflect an elegant image of yourself.
Madehandcrafted, the WOODEN RING Fortune gold does not lose it’s shine, is a long-lasting jewel and above alltimeless that is going to captivate the glances due to its style sublime and elegant.

● Koa wood
● Width (mm) : 8
Metal: Tungsteno
● Corrosion resistant
● Hypoallergenic
● No discomfort to your skin
● Neat finish
● Free standard delivery

The WOODEN RING Fortune gold is specially made with tungsten carbide, a material of noble de reference highly resistant, 10 times harder than 18-karat gold, anti-scratch and has an excelent durability. Tungsten is an element hypoallergenic that will not bring any discomfort in your finger. Anti-corrosive your ring will not rust.

This ring of wooden benefits from a beautiful smooth finish and quality. Far from being classic, its design is attractive. Does not present any form of skin discomfort as is hypoallergenic.

How to wear the WOODEN RING Fortune gold?

Gentlemen, this ring adapts easily to any type of styling. On one side decorates your finger for an elegant event , but also for your daily routine. You can carry it in your hand with a suit, as well as with a T-shirt and jeans.

Ladies, the wooden ring can be worn by a woman with a man with a look elegant during an evening, but also with a look rather simple and who want to wear it everyday. alliance ring adds a charming unique that is going to improve your entire look.

romantic date, birthday, wedding or reunion, the events won’t be missing, wear this kind of ring of wooden. This beautiful accessory is a unique model, since it is designed with elements of high quality.

Give also this ring exceptional to relatives that will be amazed. Light as a new skin, it’s a ring that is very pleasant to wear.

MY WOODEN RINGS, the specialist of handcrafted wooden rings.

Since rings are jewelry indispensable, our online store MY WOODEN RINGS offers you a great variety, what you need to find what can seduce you and satisfy your expectations. Each contains in a certain way a little piece of nature, captivated and eternal. The process used for the production allows the rings to keep their glitter and color forever. Wood is a majestic material, which sees the seasons and the years parade by, encapsulates in its trunk the remembrances of all its stages. It is a souvenir object that can accompany you on each of your outings daily.

produce wooden rings, mainly those of tungsten, our specialty. Tungsten is a metal without nickel. The models of the rings that we propose are meticulously chosen, and made by hand by our jeweler craftsmen following ancestral techniques. We pay particular attention to the finishing of the rings from our catalog. On completion they reveal a bohemian, ethnic, stylish and original soul, witness of a authentic soul..

Why choosing a wooden ring?

These last few years wood has conquered the producers of fashion accessories. Women, as well as men, can find numerous wooden products in many styles, such as rings, but also earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches.

A ring made of wood can be the jewel of choice for various reasons. Wood is effectively, for numerous reasons, reputed as noble a material, and thus it is used to design high - end rings. For your engagement party or your wedding party, you can choose rings of secured wood resin, or of precious metals such as gold and silver. Each contains in a certain way a little piece of nature, captivated and eternal.

Like wood is a element very light, it is the material ideal for designing rings that they can wear on their adventures daily, without being bothered by incommodation.

You may, according to your tastes, own anauthentic ring. It touches then choose from many colors natural that owns the wood. Your tastes are the only limits to its possibilities.

Distinguish yourself with rings made of resin and wood.

Resin rings and colored wood are more and more wanted by the public. Indeed, are engineered, or lined with natural stones, colored stones or flowers. They are much cheaper than gold rings.

Jewelry artisans who are in charge of garment of the tungsten alliances are the same as the ones that produce resin or solid wood rings or solid wood. MY WOODEN RINGS offers you the possibility of acquire golden, ethnic and colored rings, andnumerous other traditional style jewelry.

The rings produced can be in many ways, wide or thin, of well-finished brass, or simply plain, and may or may not have stones set in them. The jewels produced wood or resin have in general prices affordable, for offer you the possibility of get various. Our rings show an ethnic style affirmed, guaranteed nickel-free. Harvest for of course a great success in our online store.

We employ for the manufacturing of our fancy rings the silver-plated metal, or silver plated metal. Are jewels unique without nickel, for the tightest budgets. Appreciate of these works of art.

Rings for men

Men’s rings available in at MY WOODEN RINGS are large in size, worn as a ring or as a signet ring, and are generally silver. You can wear them on any finger. The ring for engraved man has much success in our shop.

How to choose a wooden ring?

Alloy and size of the ring Numerous elements are important to make the right choice. The budget you have available for this purchase is the first data to quantify. Indeed, even if the rings are made of wood, they can be expensive due to the type of metal you will have. There are a great variety of metals that go into in the realization of rings of wooden. Gold for example is the metal perfect if you want to stand out, but it mainly stands out in a ring of large size.

If you opt for the discretion, there are luxury rings that are not flashy. They are in general models made of silver, or with a metal less flashy. Choosing a rather small luxury ring will allow you to be elegant with subtlety .

Which wood essences are used to build our rings?

Numerous of wood essences are used for design the rings that we sell in our online business. The raw wood essences are also a selection criterion important. The wood of the violet stick, rosewood, the olive tree, the zebrano, ebony, the wengeas well as ziricote, arevarious wood essences that are at your disposal.

The wood used for the preparation of our rings does not worsen by no means environmental abuse.

Another element important for the election of a jewel wood for men, is the color of wood. Wood is presented in different colors, it is up to you to choose the color that suits you and fits to your garments. The ideal for men would be to choose a rather sober ring.

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Whatever are your budget, you can afford to give away a handmade wooden ring. Do not hesitate to contact make your choice in our web site.